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Blues Tribute Por Mojo Hand

July 12 - 09:45 PM - BOGOTA

Event details:

Get ready for a night of pure blues with "Chess Records: Blues Tribute by Mojo Hand"!

We invite you to Smoking Molly to enjoy a spectacular tribute to Chess Records, the record label that immortalized the giants of blues. Mojo Hand, one of the most acclaimed bands of the genre, will take charge of transporting your musical spirit to the golden days of blues.

Chess Records, founded in Chicago in 1950, was home to legends such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James, and Willie Dixon, among others. This iconic label became the epicenter of blues and R&B, defining the sound that influenced entire generations of musicians and music lovers. Mojo Hand, with its impressive talent and deep connection with the blues, will pay tribute to these giants, recreating their unforgettable melodies and transmitting the pure essence of blues.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to relive the classics that made history and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of authentic music, energy, and passion. Secure your place in this magical evening and come feel the power of blues at Smoking Molly.

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